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Frequently Asked Questions

Creating a New Account

  • How do I create a new account?
  • One of the great things about the site is that it’s simple and easy to use. Just click the ‘how to advertise’ button at the top of the home page (or any other) and this will take you to the advertisers section. Then follow the online instructions to create your own account, which will give you complete control to add, edit and manage your property portfolio online.

    Adding Your Property Advert

  • How do I create my property advert?
  • You use the simple online “advert builder” to create and view your property advert. This can be accessed through your own, password protected area, where you can create and manage all your property adverts. From here you can create new property ads, modify existing ones, add new photos, update pricing and even maintain an availability chart. You can create sample ads and practise until you're happy with your efforts and only then, when you're good and ready, request it to be added to the live site. Basic text details are added first, after which photographs and availability can be added.
  • How do I add my photos?
  • To add photographs to your property advert is a relatively simple process. If you have photos stored in a digital format on your computer, the system allows you to add them through the Administration Console. Simple click on the “add photo” link and you will be asked to select the relevant photograph on your computer and then to click the “upload” button to send the photo to We will then approve the photo prior to it going live on the site.

    The photo must be smaller than 500kb in size

    However, we also appreciate that not everybody has access to digital photographs and therefore your may send the photographs to us via the normal post. All we ask is that you put the property reference number on the back of each photo and include a stamped addressed envelope should you wish them returned. We will scan the photos and have them added to your property listing. This service is offered free of charge.
  • How many photos can I add?
  • You can add up to six detailed photographs of your property and one summary photo, which appears on the summary results page. We recommend the summary photo is an outside view of the property taken on a nice sunny day as first impressions count for everything! People often use the same summary photo as one of the detailed shots too.
  • Once I have finished my advert, how long will it take to become live?
  • Your property will often be approved within the hour, although at weekends this may take a little longer. The aim is to approve all suitable material within 24 hours. If for some reason your property has not been approved after this time, please contact Customer Services who will be happy to investigate for you.

    Ongoing Management of Your Property

  • Can I change my advert in the future?
  • Yes you can! One of the great beauties of the Internet is its flexibility. At any time of the day or night you can log into your personal account and edit details relating to yourself or your property.
  • How will I be notified of booking enquiries?
  • The prospective client will contact you directly, either by email or by phone. If by email, the request will follow a standard format and the email subject will read:

    Booking Enquiry from

    The email will be sent to the address listed in the Owner Account details.
  • I've updated new pictures on my advert but they aren't showing.
  • Try pressing 'Ctrl' and 'F5' when you see the old picture, and ask the page to refresh.

    General Questions

  • How do I appear as a Featured Property
  • Featured Property slots are an optional extra. They are charged per week and the price is dependent upon the popularity of the page you wish to feature on. Simply login to your account and click the Featured Property button to access this option and then follow the on screen instructions.
  • How do I appear in the Special Offers?
  • To feature your special offer on your listing and in the special offers pages, you will need to upgrade to an enhanced listing. Once you have purchased your enhanced listing, login to your account, click on 'edit your bed and breakfast listing' and then click on 'manage special offers'.
  • Will I need training on how to use the system?
  • Not at all. The system is easy to use and self explanatory. If you can use a word processor, you will be able to use
  • What determines the rank order in which properties are returned?
  • If no search filters are used, the adverts are placed in a completely random order, rotated on a daily basis. This ensures all properties receive equal positioning over a period of time.
  • You don’t appear to have my region/area listed?
  • We’ve put a lot of thought into how we categorise the various departments, counties and regions within a country. However, we do not claim to be experts, and we fully expect you to know your own region better than we do! If you would like us to add an area, modify a region’s name or even add an area of outstanding natural beauty, please drop us a line. We’ll do our best to accommodate your request.
  • I’ve forgotten my password, what should I do?
  • Simply click on the link on the Owner’s Login page and we’ll email you by return.

    Advertising Charges

  • What does it cost?
  • The Standard Listing is incredible good value at just £2.99 per month! You can sign up for as little as one month just to see how it works, although it may take a little longer for your listing to be indexed by Google. There are no catches, no lock in period and your subscription can be started or cancelled at any time. To sign up to the Standard Listing simply log into your account and follow the on screen instructions.

    We look forward to working with you in the future and genuinely hope you decide to give us a try.
  • Upgrade to an Enhancd Listing
  • We also offer the option of an Enhanced Listing. This provides many benefits such as your establishment being displayed before the Standard Listing B&Bs for any search, having your telephone no, postcode and web address displayed and being able to advertise any Special Offers you wish to promote. The Enhanced Listing is incredible value at just £4.99 per month including VAT. There are no catches, no lock in period and your subscription can be started or cancelled at any time. To sign up to an Enhanced Listing simply log into your account and follow the on screen instruction.
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